Affiliated to Hemchand Yadav University, Durg (C.G.)
Science Lab
Prism Spirit Lamp Micro meter Filter Paper
Burette Stand Porcelain dish with cover Dropper Niddle
Tongue Crucible Test Tube Bar Magnet
Glass Slides Varnier Caliperse Test Tube Stand Wooden Wire Net
Screw Gauge Clay Pipe Triangle-Tripod Stand Wooden Tea Stand Burette Stand
Drawing Board Magnifying Glass Dissection Box Dissecting Microscope
Voltameter Galvanometer Ameter Burette
Reagent Bottle Spharometer Thermometer Plane Mirror with Stand
Drawing Board Room Temperature
(Max & Min) Thermometer
Concave Mirror Convex Mirror
Tripod Stand (Burner Stand) Crucible Tung Beaker (250ml) Bell Jar
Conical Flask Funnel (Plastic) Pipette Stand Platinum Wire with Loop
Pipette (10ml) Watch Glass China Dish (Evaporating Basins) Glass Marking Pencil
Slide Cover Slip Measuring Flask Spirit Lamp
Wash Bottle Petri Dish Specimen (Animal) Specimen (Plant)
Science Model & Chart (Animal & Plant) Permanent Slide
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