Affiliated to Hemchand Yadav University, Durg (C.G.)
Psychological Lab
Intelligence Tests Problem Solving (Concept Formation)
  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non-verbal Intelligence Test
  • Performance Test of Intelligence
  • Problem Solving Ability Test (PAST)
  • Concept Achievement Test (C. A. T.)
Aptitude Test Creativity Test
  • Teaching Aptitude Test Battery (TABA)
  • Scientific Aptitude Test Battery (SATB)
  • Passi Test of Creativity (Verbal + Non-verbal)
  • Non-verbal Test of Creativity Thinking (T. C. F.)
Achievement Test Personality Inventories & Projective Technique
  • Hindi Achievement Test
  • Dimensional Personality Inventory
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Introversion - Extroversion Inventory (IEI)
  • Case Study Techniques (CST)
  • Scales Measuring Self Perception (SMSP)
Interest Inventories
  • Educational Interest Record (EIR)
  • Career Preference Record (Vocational Interest-VIR)
Attitude Scales Teaching Learning Situations
  • Teacher Attitude Inventory
  • Sodhi Attitude Scale
  • Scientific Attitude Scale (SBSAS)
  • Environment Awareness Ability measure (EAAM)
  • Teacher Values Inventory
  • Teacher Adjustment Inventory
  • General Teaching Competency Scale (GTCS)
  • Teacher's Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (TJSQ)
  • National Integration Questionnaire (NIQ)
  • Human Memory (Long Term & Short Term)
  • Recall of Comp. & Incomp Task
  • Retroactive Inhibition
Learning Attention
  • Mirror Drawing Apparatus with Manual
  • Maze Learning Apparatus with Manual
  • Tachistoscope with Card Apparatus with Manual (Span of Attention)
Motar Skills Supporting Material
  • Dexterity Board Apparatus with Manual (Finger Dexterity Board with pins & manual)
  • White Paper
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Stopwatch
  • Buzzer
  • Graph Paper
  • Photo of Psychologist
  • Mental Fatigue Test
Statistical Equipment
  • Normal Probability Curve Demonstration Apparatus with Manual
Other Test
  • Family Relationship Inventory (FRI)
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